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Frequent questions

We recommend you arrive to the meeting point 10 to 15 minutes in advance, because sometimes due to lack of knowledge of the traffic, streets, distance or the operation of the public transportation in the city where the tourist experience is being made, it usually takes longer than expected to get to the meeting point of the tour, delaying the other participants or the guide.

In case that for your tour the guide is picking you up at your hotel or at a certain point by car, we suggest you to go to the bathroom, buy anything you need for the tour and be ready 10 minutes before the agreed time.

Although no place in the world is exempt from accidents of a dangerous nature, the places where the tours we offer on this page are made are pretty crowded and touristic, so they have a lot of security in the surroundings and there are no situations in which the visitors are in danger.

In some of the places we do the tours there are ATMs but we suggest withdrawing money before the tour (in case of needed or that you are paying the guide in cash) since this could delay the start or in case of not finding one it could cause inconveniences.

Although every tour has a certain number of materials that are recommended to take there are some things that in general it is better to have planned before going on a tour, First of all wear comfortable clothes because they are mostly tours where you walk a lot and it can be uncomfortable to do it with inappropriate clothing, umbrella or sunscreen as in Colombia the weather is usually very changeable and finally a snack and water to hydrate in case of feeling tired or fatigued in some part of the journey due to hunger or dehydration.

If you are going to cancel a tour, doing at least 2 hours in advance is requested, in that way neither the guide and the company will be affected with mobility problems or cancellation of any other relevant event for the tour.